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Do you know if the vehicle you’re buying is safe?Run a VIN check to start your research and make a better decision.

Brief Introduction to VINCheckPro

In comparison to Carfax, VINCheckPro is all the way on the other end of the spectrum. This is a much more affordable option, especially for those who want to compare multiple used vehicles. It is important to address that VINCheckPro relies on the same database as Carfax, which means it has access to all the relevant data about vehicle details and accidents from numerous sources. VINCheckPro also offers one free report to each user. Their website claims that your first vehicle history report will be completely free, even though their payment details are not very transparent.

Cost & Price Plans

VINCheckPro  helps consumers to get important information about their vehicle, offering as complete a history as possible about any vehicle. This information is important for the purchase and sale of a vehicle, though it can also be used to check the cost of insurance. Since all of this content is specific to the model, users can also fact-check with private and commercial sellers to learn more. The price is relatively low to check, but the details that users will learn are invaluable.   

All memberships are charged monthly, so if you do not want recurring charges you’ll either need to purchase a one-time report or make sure that you cancel your membership before the begin of the next billing cycle.  

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