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Posted 03/24/2020 in Personal

What is Classified advertising?

What is Classified advertising?

Advertising is a tool of marketing that is used to create awareness about a product or service. Since firms often count on advertising for their products and often see it as a quick fix for their marketing needs, multiple kinds of advertisements have been created.

What is classified advertising?

Classified advertisement is a small message or advertisement that is placed in newspapers, magazines or periodicals. These messages are generally grouped under specific headings, also called classifications, in a separate section. Classified advertisements are comparatively low-cost ads. Recent times have also seen classified advertisements on websites, social media networks such as Facebook as well as on Smartphones and Tablets.

What Types Of Classified Ads Exist?

Classified ads come in three types including:

1.  Regular/ Ordinary Classified Ads: This is the most basic and cheapest form of the classified ad. It’s charged based on word/ character/ column count. 

2.  Classified Display Ads: This type is way costlier than an ordinary ad as it comes with added benefits. Classified Display Ads are charged according to the columns. Usually, these ads come with an opportunity to add a visual image and a logo for your business. It also contains a special border next to the advertisement text.

3.  Display Classified Ads: The Display Classified Ads are the most expensive option of classified ads. They, therefore, portray the most impact on your business. These ads can be of any size in terms of width and height but they shouldn’t go below 3 centimeters. For Display Classified Ads, you can add your most preferred color.

How Classified Ads Help With SEO

Classified ads are usually used to generate leads and increase click through rates. They are an excellent method of getting relevant back links to your blog or website. Some websites allow you to post the content with back links and such classified ads can immediately generate sales inquiry within hours of being posted.

This is why using free classified ads to promote and market your online business is one of the most popular and effective SEO strategies, employed by most online marketers.