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Posted 03/22/2020 in Business Opportunities

Influence of classified ad on google page rank and number of visitors

Influence of classified ad on google page rank and number of visitors

If you want your website seen you have to do one of 2 things to become popular and get hits.. Either you must go the ads and pay per click route, which has dangers of becoming enormously expensive with few results, or else you have to get a decent page ranking in your niche markets from the Search Engines. The fact that you might have created a highly attractive website with unbeatable offers doesn’t help if you don’t get clicks which go on to buy..

What is SEO for classified ads and job listings?

Both job boards and classifieds sites have a common struggle in SEO: postings, which might make up the bulk of the website, are short-lived and often user-generated. If they are available for indexing by search engines, they’re often expired before they begin to earn organic traffic. SEO for these types of sites focuses on handling large quantities of potentially un-indexable content, on using other content strategies to rank the website for real user searches, and on improving the website’s technical and UX aspects in order to gain positions in the search results.

Let's take a look at major 5 Benefits of "free classified ads" for your business businesses:

  1. Drives traffic to your site
  2. Saves Your Time
  3. Free Availability
  4. Provide a Huge Platform
  5. Easy to Use

Why should you go for classified ad site?

One of the major reasons you should be going for Online Classified ads is because they are very cheap. Yes, they might be cheap but they are also very effective.  Now, if you want to garner SEO attention for your site, you should probably go ahead with an online classified ad. There are these really famous online classified sites, which let you post classifieds for free. Now, that is an added advantage! This way you can go ahead with affordable website SEO services in Los Angeles and Ventura and also contribute to a better ranking.